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New product design theme of olisha 2018: in the name of love

Love is a journey of happiness. The wedding dress is a testimony of a deep love. The wedding is another beginning of the continuation of love story. The designer explored the legendary story of eulogize love in European history, get inspiration from it, combine the use of simplicity and romance, praise with the name of love, overcome the tribulations, and be married warriors. This season is divided into two series, the first series through the analysis of the unique aesthetic of the urban professional women for the wedding dress, combined with the modern style of Aolisha minimalism, the integration of deconstruction and romantic flowers to shape the modern and cool bridal series. The second series created fantasy Princess dreams from a novelty perspective, extracted mystical elements from fantasy stories to the wedding dresses, and created fairy tales of the city brides with exquisite handcrafts.

New product design theme of olisha 2017: flower language

The initial encounter, seemingly accidental, is also doomed.
Looking back at that moment, I met a lifetime of deep feeling.
Two throbbing hearts, through the bustling world, close to each other.
"Love knows not where it begins.
This season, orissa returns to the touching moment of her first love encounter and explores love itself.It is the most sincere and pure emotion that transcends all boundaries and brings two hearts together.
Design description:
The new products of this season use different forms of roses to symbolize the magic of love. The combination of totem elements such as hummingbird and butterfly and roses is added to celebrate the freedom of love.The beautiful architectural outline is combined with the beautiful vines to express the tolerance and harmony of love, and the collage contrast of different materials and the creation of multi-layered texture are used to interpret the fantasy and romance in love.Through a variety of design techniques, the designer penetrates art and technology into each other and tries to restore the beauty of the first encounter of love from multiple angles, expressing the praise of the sincere love for love at first sight.

Design theme of 2016 new product: flower feather

This season designers in the early winter snow pure found inspiration, and praise the beautiful love will be coloured glaze world of pure and white with a romantic technique into the works of this season, combined with modern minimalist style of will create both pure and sexy Australia lisa bride.
In marriage gauze work, stylist USES the gimmick of half freehand brushwork half realistic, change lightsome snowflakes into stereo water dissolves lace to float on the hemi perspective skirt that is like mist unreal;Frozen branches, turned into beaded embroidery emerging on soft lace to show a rich visual level;The velvet lace made by laser and embroidery process is intended to be frosted flowers, becoming the highlight in the new materials. The designer also USES the multi-faceted swarovski diamond to show the crystal-translucent and transparent freezing effect.
In evening work, stylist through analyzing the formation of ice crystals, using the comparison of different material combined with multivariate process performance skin texture effect, tie-in white gauze perspective and frivolous lace, empty spirit and feminine image.